Featured Speakers :

Linda K. Høiland
Head of Petroleum Technology, Statfjord A Platform
Dominic Genetti
Operations Manager
Dave Puckett
Pushing Reservoir Limits R&D Manager

Maximising production and extending life-cycle

Norway produced 1.4 million barrels of oil per day in January, down from historical rates of more than 3 million barrels per day at the turn of the century. Production from Norway’s giant mature fields is declining and there is a narrowing window of opportunity to extract these resources effectively.

Significant investments and Government support is required alongside technology and innovation, to ensure that the higher cost of extracting hard-to-reach oil is profitable. Some of the best tools we have at our disposal to increase recovery from mature fields are from further field development, and applying technology such as Enhanced Oil Recovery / Improved Oil Recovery Techniques.

With this in mind, Mature Fields Stavanger 2014 will address these challenges through case studies, discussion sessions and interactive panel debates.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Hear from the top mature field operators like Shell, Statoil and RWE on their strategies and project updates for maximizing production out of mature oilfields
  • Learn about the UK Government initiatives within the PILOT programme aiming to implement best EOR prospects in the North Sea
  • Deploy practical and effective mechanisms to optimize an existing mature asset portfolio
  • Assess the business case for implementing Enhanced Oil Recovery and factor it into your decision making process
  • Share the lessons learned from some of the latest studies into reservoir chemistry, and use them to improve recovery on your own fields
  • Network and exchange ideas with experts involved throughout the field development cycle

Media Partners

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